Born to a middle class family in the oil rich Niger Delta Region of Nigeria and married to a very successful Politician to a very successful Politician and leader, presently serving as Nigeria’s Minister of state for petroleum and Natural Resources, Alayingi has learnt how to craft talents into opportunities in order to; save lives and improve well being by increasing the last mile access to quality of life and education of the less privileged as her ultimate goal.


Passionately driven by this goal, Alayingi demonstrates excellent sense of judgement, creativity and innovation for coordination and management activities; strong technical and analytical capacities, Integrity modeled after the UN’s values, ethical standards and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and a high sense of confidentiality and reliability as key competencies to her successful delivery of projects.


The compassionate Alayingi, and her consistent ardor for improving livelihood and well being of the orphaned and vulnerable children in her country Nigeria, carried out the first Rural health care/Breast and Cervical Cancer Awareness campaign which educated the rural populace about cancer and freely screened not less than 15,000 women across the Niger Delta of breast and cervical cancer.

The Healer


Alayingi is a first rate leader and works tirelessly to heal broken hearts, comfort people, and give the basic essence of humanity which is love and compassion. Indeed Alayingi is a natural healer and if one is to mention all the contributions she has made to improve the health and well being of individuals Nationwide and globally we would definitely run out of words. Coupled with her numerous impactful activities and very inspiring lifestyle, Alayingi is not only a super supportive wife to a great man, the current Minister of state, Petroleum Resources of the Federal Republic of Nigeria but is also a successful mother of 3 biological children as well as several other adopted cildren. Truly, Alayingi is a dynamic, innovative and outstanding visioneer, an astute leader worth emulating, and a strong force for change.

Alanyingi Uduak Sylva



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