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After the launch, a team was set up and their first task was to identify key areas and locations for the implementation of the key objective of the project. Here is what has happened so far. 

1. Indigent Children at Dutse Secondary School, Abuja 

We were introduced to a set of children who were on the verge of dropping out of school without any intervention. Some had lost a parent, while others belonged to families who had fallen on very difficult times. We intervened and prevented a total of 20 children from dropping out of school. 

2. Kunchingoro IDP Camp, Abuja 

Our initial idea with the Internally Displaced person camp in Abuja was to register the West African Examination Council (WAEC) and JAMB examinations for as many we could. But when we gave them basic reading and writing tests, many of them who had graduated from secondary education performed very poorly. In response, we started a preparatory school on camp and employed a total of 4 full-time teachers.

Results from the IDP Camp 

1. 5 pupils were moved from the Camp to a secondary school in Keffi were they successfully completed their secondary education with full support from us. 

2. 65 children were registered, some for WAEC and others for JAMB 

3. 9 Out of those who were successful in their JAMB exams secured admissions into different universities with full scholarships including fees, feeding, and accommodation. Out of these 9, as of the date of this report, 4 are full graduates, the rest are either in their 3/400 levels. 


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